Anni Albers’ 1941 traveling exhibition of common object jewelry included an original piece very similar to the one shown here. (A Bauhaus artist, Albers is considered the most important textile designer of the 20th C).

I recreated this necklace the other night with the help of the Anni Albers Jewelry Studio Kit. Produced by The Josef & Anni Albers Foundation (www.albersfoundation.org), the kit inspires an understanding of Anni Albers’ visual thinking while simultaneously engaging the user in a personal creative process. In fact, it inspired me to spend an afternoon fucking around with a slew of my old jewelry, which resulted in my own necklace designs shown below.

This necklace mixes pretty elements (pearls, a bow) with harder edged tarnished silver pieces (bottom end of a rosary w/ Christ on the cross, and a Aztlan/Cali style bull skull). Like me, it straddles layers of contradictions.

And this one mixes heavier masculine chains, (the gold plated Dookie/Rope chain, the silver Figaro chain, and the silver Belcher chain), with feminine accents (a black little bow, a gold plated rose).

And since the theme of the day is objects that lace the neck, I'll finish with the scarf I made a few weeks ago by altering a vintage grey cashmere sweater. Again, with the contrasting elements. In this case, the preppy clean lines of the collar and the tied "sleeves", with the drapy folds of the scarf body.