A Revolution in Household Appliances

This is what I would call a revolution. What woman wouldn't do more housework if more household devices started *really* catering to women like this...

I mean maybe women's lib during the 60's missed the point all together. Forget trying to get men on their knees, like Cinderella that is, just bring on women's pleasure inducing household products!

To see more from Dominic Wilcox, the genius behind the orgasmatron washing machine, check out his site. I'd unknowingly seen his other work at Moss Gallery in New York last year. At the time, I was drooling over his War bowl pictured below. Yes, it is indeed made of litle plastic toy soldiers.

Furthermore, while looking at his site I also found that he'd made a lighting installation out of bic pens! Just as the Volivick chandalier did from a few posts ago.

Be sure to check out the rest of his work.


New Creative

This last Saturday I worked with the brilliant minds of make-up and hair artist Elena Pacienza, and photographer Corey Goodyear again. They're both very experienced, very talented and all the while very down to earth. It's been quite refreshing to work with them and I consider myself blessed to have been taken under their wings, so to speak...

Here's a small dose of what we were up to most recently.

And yes, Robyn does look like Gwyneth Paltrow... she get's that *all* the time. Robyn is with Elite.


shots i love.

Here are some more photos from the creative I styled a few weeks back.

One of the cheekier looks we did, this one reminded us of an anime character. I like the idea of making pretty girls look kind of dorky and eccentric. More interesting, I think. Her bow is made of a scarf I made. Sort of a neo-tie-dye thing.

This next picture was fun to get. Elaine has a dance background so we really wanted to catch her in some ballet motions.

Chanelling some beatnik, Jack Kerouac vibes.

wooly layers.

As you can probably tell, I'm in love with grey scale. But I also love the volt of colour here.

I've also been very fond of this headwrap/turban look since I first saw the Chloe ads for fall 06 last summer. And although they are making headway in a lot of collections, I've yet to see them worn in a fashion-conscious (as opposed to religious) way by real people outside of runways and magazines. Maybe in New York?

I hope you can see the detail in this next one. The best part of working on creatives, or just on set for that matter whether its video or photography, is the moment of revelation when you just get an idea you hadn't planned out and try it, and it works... I hadn't planneed this look out but it came together in a satirical way, I think. The entire look is "printed" on.

The top is a wings & horns shirt with printed suspenders and the pants are leggings with printed black jeans on them!


There are more photos from the shoot I have to find, and I'll update this post as I get a chance.

Let me know what you think. It's been quite nice to hear back from folks who enjoy the blog in person, but I'd love to get a sense of your thoughts through the comments link...



Chandeliers to Write Home About

I'm a little late writing about this one as it circulated the blogosphere a few weeks ago now. Nonetheless, these transcend both the chandelier trend and, well, writing.

The Volivik Lamp by En Pieza is made of recycled bic pens, and reflects the kind of simple genius you wish you'd authored. Eco-friendly, clean lines, and proof that the art of re-appropriation can still be done in a way that's new.

The clear bic pen version (above) feigns the timeless chandelier form a little more closely, while the opaque yellow version suggests an air of late 60's. You know, shades of yellow and brown, circa wood veneer was chic.


Earwaks.com Re-launch

My good friends over at Earwaks.com recently relaunched their online music and culture site. It's been an exciting venture and I'm very happy for them. For the launch they asked me to interview and write a story on the immensely talented Zaki Ibrahim.

You can read it here.