au naturel

I just read an article reviewing the Abington (Pennsylvania) Art Centre's Sculpture Park. From what I understand the concept is installation art in natural (outdoor) space. The full article is at the Philly Inquirer. However, I just had to post this one picture.

Above is "Episalla's large scrim photographic mural printed on semitransparent vinyl mesh. Hung between two trees in the woods, the mural depicts a vastly enlarged color picture of the Grand Tetons that Episalla found in her late father's office"

As the article also points out, "[t]he mural will be interesting to see in November against a barren backdrop of leafless trees... but it's plenty amusing now". Indeed.

Very poetic, that mix of natural and human made when it's done just right. Similarly, thanks to the mavens at Eyebeam Reblog, I just found a site called Organisms: making art with living systems. Very interesting - most of it theoretically, more than visually but I like this one.

Cress growing in a keyboard.
It reminds me of that Swedish all women design firm called Front. They credit a lot of their work to living animals that've assisted their designs. Like what?

Well, like snake hangers, that were sculpted by snakes coiling around logs of clay...

a mold of a rabit hole-made-lamp...

and rat wallpaper (made of the rat scratchings, turned into a repetitive pattern)

Also, in keeping with 'au naturel', coffee table made of branches

For more on Front Design check out IDO and Design Boom.

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