Vehicles that take it to a "Whole 'Nother Level"

Remember when I featured that hilarious knitted motorcycle? If your reaction was anything like mine it went something like:

"whoa..ahaha.. what the fuc..hehe... HEY! Is that really a knitted motorcycle!"

And remember how I was all like, it's cool but it'd be badass if it was black. Well some chick *totally* beat us all at the whole crocheted/knit- vehicle game. (I didn't realize this was an emerging subculture either, but I was sooo onto something.)

Seriously though, check it out.

Yea, that's a mother f-word knitted Ferrarri.

It took Lauren Porter 10 months and 12 miles of yarn to make her sick ass ride. Considering many of us will spend our entire lives trying to make enough money to buy one, I have to say 10 months isn't bad at all.

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Speaking of Sick-Ass-Rides, I also came across a Hungarian car designed for wheelchair accessibility! It's about time, isn't it.

The inside of the Kenguru is empty space so that the wheelchair can be rolled right in, and locked into place. Furthermore, the Kenguru is controlled by a joystick rather than a steering wheel for utmost accessibility.

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