Chandeliers to Write Home About

I'm a little late writing about this one as it circulated the blogosphere a few weeks ago now. Nonetheless, these transcend both the chandelier trend and, well, writing.

The Volivik Lamp by En Pieza is made of recycled bic pens, and reflects the kind of simple genius you wish you'd authored. Eco-friendly, clean lines, and proof that the art of re-appropriation can still be done in a way that's new.

The clear bic pen version (above) feigns the timeless chandelier form a little more closely, while the opaque yellow version suggests an air of late 60's. You know, shades of yellow and brown, circa wood veneer was chic.

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sirbarrett said...

They should really incorporate things like old computers into architecture as well. Like windows made out of multiple monitors (just the screens)? I was pretty impressed when I went to a green house and learned that the carpets were made from %100 recycled pop bottles.