A Revolution in Household Appliances

This is what I would call a revolution. What woman wouldn't do more housework if more household devices started *really* catering to women like this...

I mean maybe women's lib during the 60's missed the point all together. Forget trying to get men on their knees, like Cinderella that is, just bring on women's pleasure inducing household products!

To see more from Dominic Wilcox, the genius behind the orgasmatron washing machine, check out his site. I'd unknowingly seen his other work at Moss Gallery in New York last year. At the time, I was drooling over his War bowl pictured below. Yes, it is indeed made of litle plastic toy soldiers.

Furthermore, while looking at his site I also found that he'd made a lighting installation out of bic pens! Just as the Volivick chandalier did from a few posts ago.

Be sure to check out the rest of his work.

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