Light Drawings

oooooh...Make celestial light drawings like your some kind of angel with Philip's Drag & Draw Digial painting kit. Apparently it was designed with kids in mind but i can think of 20 of my closest friends (all adults, i swear) who will shit themselves when they see this.

Enjoy ;)


freakstyle said...

I'm Paula from Brazil. If you at add FREAKSTYLE in your favorites.

moJO said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeee!! This is amazing!! Okay...so...I really think with this insaino in the braino DOPE creation that the digital & old school art worlds have now officially merged into something magical. Forget trying to save a $grand$ to make a custom neon light - let's buy this toy! CRAZY DOPE. Would make good ambiance at a house par-tay...;)