Seriously Worship Worthy

So okay I've been away a while. funny enough, today i got a lead on an amazing site and t-shirt collabo all rolled into one miracle, that roused me from my blogging hiatus like i'd seen a virgen maria on a tortilla.

Turns out this image is the newest fruit from the womb of the the Worship Worthy crew. Worhip Worthy is a newsletter and blog site by a group of smart style and culture saavy ladies in nyc. Their Frida t shirt above is a collabo with Rockers NYC.

On another note, Nomad’s summer lookbook has been up for a while on their site but I hadn’t posted about it.

This season I conceptualized, creative directed and styled the shoot – a lot more stress, but a lot more fun in the end.

The concept is called Tragic Fame and is centered on a single nameless male character obsessing and dressing up as 3 tragically “dead” style icons; Curt Cobain, JT Leroy, and Andy Warhol.

I wanted to play with the relationships between fame, dress-up, obsession and tragedy.

Have a look.

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