a few things that caught my eye

i like how this artist used an existing element, that looks half crown of thorns and half halo, to position their Jesus face stencil.

originally posted here.

Another great use of existing spatial element to get a(n enviornmental) point across:

as seen on wooster.

I've been very intrigued lately by a proliferation of digital / projection / light art. Target's fashion show this season seems to have fallen right into this ethereal little niche, somewhere between the surreal, performance art, and light show with a "holographic fashion show".

The show was supposed to take place yesterday and today in Grand Central Station, NYC but I've yet to find photos of the actual show. Scheduled to play every 10 minutes, the 2d projection was set to project an HD 3-D seeming holographic image. It will be posted on youtube, facebook and on target's site at some point. I'll post a link or images once they're live.

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