Anne Demeulemeester new store in Seoul

For the record, Anne Demeulemeester is one of my most favorite designers. In fact, it only made sense to me that such a smart and graceful architectural form be erected in her name as her newest boutique in Seoul, Korea.

According to PSFK the boutique reflects an emerging architectural style known as "organic architecture" - and the Anne Demeulemester building in Seoul marks the first fashion post to incorporate it.

This particular iteration used "Le Mur Vegetal" or "The Vertical Garden", a technique developed by French botanist Patrick Blanc, in which a light weight material is used to suspend, cultivate and grow your greens of choice on the vertical plane without soil. Mass Studies, the Korean Architecture firm that designed the Anne Demeulemeester building, used moss and bamboo, both inside and out.

You can view more photos of the building on the Mass Studies website.

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