Priestesses of Longing

Admittedly I've taken a long hiatus. Moving to Vancouver for a new job has kept me so swamped in newness that blogging's been the last thing on my mind. That said this week I was summoned by Rick Owens' Spring 09 Collection which he called Priestesses of Longing.

When I saw the collection I basically died a little death and came back to life full of artful longing and desire. It's like the priestesses have baptized me, purifying, making me new again. How can a bloody fashion collection do that? I don't know. There must be something wrong with me. And yet I know I'm not alone in my capacity to be moved by art and fashion. So I think I'll keep on sharing.

Hail Mary of Darkness, post-apocalyptic warrior, pagan gothic priestess. gOD. I can't even take it. The mood reminds me of another beautiful fashion story I fell in love with last year styled by Edward Enningful for Italian Vogue where he juxtaposed puritan and santeria-esque priestess dresses, in a crazy ecstatic mashup evoking the crucible, excorcism, robotic worship, and anime. fucking crazy and beautiful.

I would also call these women priestesses of longing, though they don't have quite the same warrior strength of Rick Owen's spring 09 models. So I've been nurturing an obsession with this Priestesses of Longing concept for the last few days when my horoscope for this week practically asked me to BE a Priestess of Longing...

Your creed for the last three months of 2008 comes from Nikos Kazantzakis:

"By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create
it. The non-existent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired."

Memorize this meme, Cancerian. Imprint it on your subconscious mind. Make it
so much a part of you that it breathes as you breathe and dreams as you
dream. Allow it to turn you into a magician whose potent desire is as strong
as the longings of 10 normal people put together.

Rick Owens... wherever you are... you've stirred in me a deep inspiration and longing, and for that I thank you.

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